1.           Define Success

2.          Only do things that increase your likelihood to succeed.

3.          Know your audience

4.          You are not your audience

5.          Know how you respond when you are the audience

6.          Know thyself – influence without self knowledge is empty: 1, 2, 3

7.          Ask people questions about themselves. Not because they are selfish or narcissistic but because it is the subject they know the most about.

8.          Realize the J-curve is involved every time you change a system.

9.          "The best way to improve human interaction is to increase – even marginally – trust and appropriate communication." Wayne Boss

10.         Clients are crazy; your job is to manage the crazy.

11.          The only people who know their limits are those who have reached them. [cite???]

12.          Judgment is criticism with emotion.

13.          Church is fun!

14.          I’d rather hear what you have to say then how your polished degree helps you craft it (communication is about substance over form).

15.          "Only work where integrity and trust are known and can be shown to be high." Wayne Boss

16.          "Change is more obvious and conscious than growing and evolving." Kazuyo Morita

17.          You can change yourself and your habits. 

18.          People who are confused ask questions bad.

19.          Irrational behavior is not a black box, it follows patterns and groupings.

20.         Typically advice regarding success falls into one of two categories: 1) Work harder than everyone else, or 2) be smarter than everyone else. Neither are practically useful.

21.          Watch our for people and situations that produce more heat than light.

22.          He who makes the rules tends to win the game.

23.          Note your busy to happy ratio.

24.          A man won an election. The leaving person gave him some advice. "When you get in trouble open this first letter I’ve written for you, when you get in trouble again read the second." The new man gets in trouble and reads the first letter from the first man saying, “Blame everything on me.” It works. The second time he gets in trouble it reads “write two letters.” (some say Stalin to Khruschev).

25.          False Premise: Just world effect.

26.          False Premise: ex hoc ergo propter hoc.

27.          False Premise: Slippery slope or Parade of Potential horribles.

a.     Emotional argument is persuasive but frequently bad logic

28.          Strawman or Red Herring.

29.          Necessary but not sufficient.

30.          An interview process should be considered 50% over on day one, 75% on day 30, and finished on day 90. 

31.           "Infatuation lasts 90 days" - Todd Slocum

32.          Don’t confuse or combine the emotional costs of trying with the practical, economic or time costs

33.          Don’t over anthropomorphize your dog

34.          "80% of life is showing up" Woody Allen

35.          You get to define normal in your life. And if you don’t someone else will.

36.          "Trust is the most powerful form of power (more than praise, money, fear….). It is the hardest to grow, the strongest once mature, and the easiest to lose." Wayne Boss

37.          God is working his own purposes not ours.

38.          "Give charitably, in secret." (Matthew 6:4)

39.          You are not alone, but you might have to look for others who are, or have been, in your hole.

40.          "I’d rather be lucky than good." Lefty Gomez

41.          Best pick up line: "My two favorite things are commitment and changing myself." Futurama

42.         "It isn’t about getting other people to agree with you, it is about threading the needle between accepting them as they are and holding steadfast to your beliefs." (Cite???)

43.          "You can’t fix stupid." Ron White

44.          I want my epitaph to read: “At least he wasn’t boring.”

45.          On the Camino you only have to W.E.S.T: Walk, East, Sleep & Talk.

46.          There are only three things I know for certain in this world: 1) There is a God, 2) I’m not it, and 3) All shampoo can be used as soap but not all soap can be used as shampoo.

47.          Most law comes down to allowing big boys to be big boys and/or protecting orphans and widows.

48.          Lebens Kunstler (German: Liver of Life)

49.          Nothing worthwhile is easy.

50.         "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing (or doing well)." Thomas Pynn (anyone else)

51.          "Could you let down your hair and be transparent for a while, just a little while. See if your human after all. Honesty is a hard attribute to find, when we all want to seem like we've got it all figured out." Lifehouse - Trying

52.          "The taste of our victories are sweeter, and the pain of our failures are lessened because we do it together." West Wing

53.          It is not about reciprocity it is about generosity.

54.          "There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." (Cite???)

55.          "There is no hierarchy of sin. So we are all the same in God’s eyes." Adrienne Finch

56.          "If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad." The Great American Philosopher Crow

57.          The Camino De Santiago ends in Santiago de Compesella. The Camino of life continues until….

58.          "Don’t play the game, play the game within the game." Jason Mendelson

59.          Evidently mothers are put on this earth to worry about things; clearly boys are put on this earth to give mothers something to worry about.

60.          "New rule, new rule, if you don’t touch the 30-yard base wicket with the flag you have to hop on one foot. And the score is still 33-Q." Calvin & Hobbes

61.          I’m arrogant enough to believe I’m always right, but smart enough to listen to smart people when they tell me I’m wrong.

62.          No one ever said on their deathbed “I wish I’d spent more time at the office.”  Harold Kushner

63.          Spelling is not the holdy grail of comunication.

64.          There are 3 types of fun: "I: something you enjoy while doing it, II: Something you enjoy only when retelling the story, and III: Something only other people enjoy watching." (Type I and II Various, Type III = Bickertonism)

65.          "There are two kinds of leaders in the world: Knights and Shepherds." Todd Slocum

66.          Never apologize to your lawyer

67.          "First event is happenstance, second is coincidence, third is enemy action." Ian Fleming - Goldfinger

68.          "Oh Lord, your sea is so big and my boat is so small." Breton Fisherman's Prayer

69.          “Who can sail without the wind? Who can row without oars? Who can say goodbye to a dear friend without shedding tears? I can sail without the wind. I can row without oars. But I cannot say goodbye to a dear friend without shedding some tears.” Swedish drinking song

70.          Mick Jagger was once asked why he only slept with super models “because I can.’”

71.           J. D. Rockefeller was asked by a reporter “how much money is enough?” Reply “just a little bit more.” - Edmond Hillary was asked by a reporter "why climb Everest?" Reply "because it is there."

72.          "You learn a lot from almost dying, you learn nothing from dying." Bickerton family motto. 

73.          If you tell the truth you only get in trouble once.

74.          Tomorrow will be better.

75.          There is no shortage of stupid people on earth.

76.          Delivery is a part of communication.

77.          Emotion is not the proper tool for evaluating logic, or vice versa. Neither is faith. So why do people always try to apply logic to faith?

78.          “Everyone loves the sound of a train in the distance, everyone knows it is true.” Paul Simon

79.          "You’re entitled to your opinion, even if it’s wrong." Bev Freedman

80.         "Feel free to maintain that untenable position for as long as you want." Larry Bickerton

81.          Through conflict we grow.

82.          Learn to take your victories with pride but not arrogance.

83.          Think of life as an unfinished book. Do you want it to be a drama, mystery, tragedy, adventure or autobiographical work? What do you want the next chapter to be about?

84.          Listen, think, then talk.

85.          Four cornerstones of healthy living: Stress Management, Diet, Exercise, and Daily Rhythms (e.g. sleep).

86.          Client retention is cheaper than client acquisition.

87.          It is easier to keep a good employee than replace them. It is easier to find a bad employee than a good one. It is more expensive to keep a bad employee then replace them.

88.          "I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection" Thomas Paine

89.          This is your world. Shape it, or someone else will.

90.          "Good, Fast, or Cheap. Pick two." Doug Galligan

91.          In today’s world we are used to a certain amount of fatigue….why?

92.          Have you ever noticed that theology is really just philosophy, which is just anthropology, which is just psychology, which is just biology, which is just chemistry, which is just physicals, which is just math, which is just metaphysics which is just theology?

93.          The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people (and idiots) so full of doubts. (Bertrand Russels)

94.          Don’t become defensive when others don’t understand you. As the speaker it is your job to communicate effectively to your audience, it is not theirs to listen. 

95.          "There are more things in heaven and earth then in your philosophies Horatio." Shakespeare - Hamlet

96.          I have noticed that my dog (Major-Major) only ever has one of two thoughts in his head at any given time: 1) something good is happening, or 2) something good is about to happen. He’s the happiest creature I’ve ever encountered.

97.          Give up or man up. (Cite???)

98.          “If we try to play like the Yankees in here (strategy session) we’ll lose to the Yankees out there (tactics implementation)” Moneyball – Film

99.          "Never try to teach a fool. They have way more experience and expertise in being a fool than you do” (paraphrase of Proverb(s) by Audie Hampton

100.       “I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” Nick Carraway

101.       “Underdog strategies are hard.” Malcolm Gladwell

102.       I ask "is my God big enough to _________. The answer is always 'duh.'

103.       In business, I've never had someone lie to me just once.

104.       "Every moment that goes by someone else is training training to beat you, but don't forget that resting is also training." Scott Bickerton

105.       This argument isn't going to be over till I win, or you cry.

106.        You can't negotiate against crazy. 

107.        "I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity." Oliver Wendell Holmes

108.       "I don't abide threats. I just don't." - Written by me to disgruntled person at conclusion of our negotiations. 

109.       Negotiations are about getting what you want by using the other side's constraints.

110.        "There is no problem that is so bad that you can't make it worse." Major Chris Hadfield - Canadian Astronaut. 

111.         Never go anywhere without an ask. 

112.         "If you never turn you will end up where you are headed." Matt HG (quoting????)

113.        All sweeping generalizations are ALWAYS wrong.

114.        Perfect is the enemy of good, and good is the enemy of good enough. Most of the time good enough is equal in effect to prefect.


* Note. If there are "quotes" someone else said it, otherwise it is all me (or I don't realize I stole it...)