Get to Day 1

In Vail Daily: May 14, 2014 - A journey of a million steps starts with one, though it still leaves 999,999 left undone.

The client says, “We have a viable product...Soon we’ll be at x5 this, and x45 that! Then we can buy a building, make our own database, hire a sales staff….”

However, the counsel most people seem to need, is that everything is just a dream before "Day 1".


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Some Tips on Hiring

Hampton & Pigott Newsletter

When considering when to hire and when to fire I try to keep in mind that:

1) It is cheaper to keep a good employee than replace a good employee;

2) It is more expensive to keep a bad employee than replace a bad employee;

3) It is more expensive to find a good employee than a bad employee.

The cost of turning over an employee.....

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