Answer: AVVO: Family LLC issues

AVVO Question: 

I was a non voting member of a family LLC. ... My father refused to provide ... paid. ...Can I sue?

Bickerton Answer:

I usually try to answer questions ... you may not need an this case you ... need advice of counsel. 

... Good attorneys help by being an advocate for you and taking some of that burden off....  I personally went through some similar situations ..., we were able to resolve some emotional and financial issues ... having everyone read: "Family Wealth" by James Hughes. I'd give that book a look. 

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Answer: Succeed: Small Business Network (LinkedIN Group)

Question: If you (a small business owner) one hour with a spend it?

Bickerton Answer:

.. I'll answer in a business sense.... 

Short answer: Review of your business documents especially operating agreements. 

Long answer: I am an active entrepreneur, business consultant, and attorney. My first advice to everyone, and it applies here, is to define success for YOUR one hour with an attorney.


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