Answer: Avvo Question [I got in trouble....] - I initialed almost all pages of a contract and signed a "schedule B", but did not sign the actual contract, is it enforceable?

I wrote a response  (Below) and a New Your attorney gave me a talking to. "We are lawyers here Bradley, not psychologists.... avoided but the platitudes are more self-serving than practically helpful."..Ohh snap! ..My response...lawyers are more than just living, breathing, legal books. We are many many things, including negotiators, litigators, hired guns, researchers, advisors (lawyer who responded specifically has this on his Avvo profile), and many more things...other parties issues and pressure points, as he said it a psychologist. 

My Actual Posting


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Answer: Succeed: Small Business Network (LinkedIN Group)

Question: If you (a small business owner) one hour with a spend it?

Bickerton Answer:

.. I'll answer in a business sense.... 

Short answer: Review of your business documents especially operating agreements. 

Long answer: I am an active entrepreneur, business consultant, and attorney. My first advice to everyone, and it applies here, is to define success for YOUR one hour with an attorney.


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