Law School Thesis - Transition plans Public vs. Private companies

Attached is my thesis paper from law school. It is long, though some might find it interesting. 

The concept started when I noticed my parent's generation starting to retire and, specifically, my dad. He was a solo-practice dentist and had never sold a business before. He had to become an expert at it for a single transaction.

That lead me down a rabbit hole of the differences between small companies and large when they transition ownership or leadership. This paper is about those differences. Someday I'll post and individual section or two.

~ Bickerton

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Answer: AVVO: Family LLC issues

AVVO Question: 

I was a non voting member of a family LLC. ... My father refused to provide ... paid. ...Can I sue?

Bickerton Answer:

I usually try to answer questions ... you may not need an this case you ... need advice of counsel. 

... Good attorneys help by being an advocate for you and taking some of that burden off....  I personally went through some similar situations ..., we were able to resolve some emotional and financial issues ... having everyone read: "Family Wealth" by James Hughes. I'd give that book a look. 

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