Back To Basics: Overview of Intellectual Property

In recent weeks I’ve had three people ask me if I can help them with a patent. Each actually meant a trademark or copyright.... 4 types of intellectual property: patents, copyright, trademark, and trade-secrets. Each cover a different thing, happen in a different way, and last for a different period of time....A little more discussion: In the fast paced world of entrepreneurship and the internet...Patents take too long to get...They also cost a lot of money...Copyright covers... 

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Prosper Sober Living - Introduction

...I consider myself a startup guy, but not a 2013 I was offered to help start a Sober Living House in Vail Valley, Colorado. This was an idea, and product, where I could feel passionate about and apply my skills.

Over a year of planning, growing a network, creating programing, searching for a house in...Prosper is ready to pull the trigger from an idea to a functional company. 

Our currently goal is to open the first house in the Summer/Fall of 2014. 

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Prosper Sober Living - Executive Summary

Prosper Sober Living

Introduction: What is a Sober Living House? What is Prosper Sober Living? - Sober living houses are just that, a place to maintain sobriety can come to rest... after leaving a clinical rehab program.

Prosper Sober Living (Prosper) will create a sober house...promote a new lifestyle through unifying: People, Place, and Programing...Our client is the professional male 


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Back to basics: Step one, how to get a bank account

Back to Basics: Title: Simple, Practical, Steps to Starting a Company.

eople hesitate to start a company is simply having to tackle the 101 steps to starting a company ... However, what about people like you with just an idea? Yesterday, my good friend who works as a mechanic and has all the skills to restore cars, shared with me that he doesn’t know how to file for a business license, open a business bank account or complete the other basic, basic, startup steps.

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Entrepreneurial minds

Vail Daily Column: Entrepreneurial minds

I’d like to start a conversation about business growth, specifically about the Boulder Thesis of startup communities. A couple weeks ago, I was invited as a volunteer with the Vail Leadership Institute to the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments Economic Development District bi-monthly meeting. I focused my time with them discussing some of the Boulder Thesis of entrepreneurial communities.

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