Getting to Day 1: Selling your business

When my father talked about selling his solo-practice dental office. ... he was a fantastic dentist... .no idea how to sell his business. Not his fault... it is a knowledge and experience issue...After your family...your business is ...most valuable asset you have...This is a "Get to Day 1” article... The actual “Day 1” is to have your business in a state of preparation where you can actively find a buyer.

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Get to Day 1

In Vail Daily: May 14, 2014 - A journey of a million steps starts with one, though it still leaves 999,999 left undone.

The client says, “We have a viable product...Soon we’ll be at x5 this, and x45 that! Then we can buy a building, make our own database, hire a sales staff….”

However, the counsel most people seem to need, is that everything is just a dream before "Day 1".


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Brad, there is a dead copyright, can I use it?

Could [I] use the information since the copyright/trademark had 'expired' and there was no website...Short answer: Don't do it, it is covered. Long answer:...

Copyright exists when the work is created, not when (or if) it is registered...So, you would be boned either way...Your three options.... (Business advice)


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Back to basics: Step one, how to get a bank account

Back to Basics: Title: Simple, Practical, Steps to Starting a Company.

eople hesitate to start a company is simply having to tackle the 101 steps to starting a company ... However, what about people like you with just an idea? Yesterday, my good friend who works as a mechanic and has all the skills to restore cars, shared with me that he doesn’t know how to file for a business license, open a business bank account or complete the other basic, basic, startup steps.

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Answer: Succeed: Small Business Network (LinkedIN Group)

Question: If you (a small business owner) one hour with a spend it?

Bickerton Answer:

.. I'll answer in a business sense.... 

Short answer: Review of your business documents especially operating agreements. 

Long answer: I am an active entrepreneur, business consultant, and attorney. My first advice to everyone, and it applies here, is to define success for YOUR one hour with an attorney.


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