Nature of Greed

The nature of greed all I want is an 80.0%...just make me happy with an 80.0%....I got an 89.8% and immediately thought “OH F&*K, I SHOULDA’ GOT AN ‘A’”….less than a second....That is how fast greed can enter your (my) heart.



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Show me you're serious: Take an accounting course.

Suck it up, take and accounting course....taking an accounting course... signals to yourself and anyone else that you are serious about the company succeeding, not just about having a romp around the block....I am not saying that you need to do the bookkeeping every month, but as a leader you need to know how things work.

But hey, what do I know?

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The story of Sharon – With a little TLC Flowers can bloom

[W]hen [s]he was managed, even just a little bit, [s]he was able to work to [her] capacity and do great...I learned this lesson for myself with an employee I’ll call Sharon...The result, she became one of the most useful employees that I had....If you look at time as your only real asset, and there is an employee with a potential ROI as high as hers (spend <10 min/week = good employee) then the value of the time from good → great employee is worth it.

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Salary: Don't negotiate the dollars

[P]eople call me for friendly career advice. One topic comes up over and over. What should I negotiate for when I am offered a new position? ...

Another way to say it is, what do you want money for? Would you rather have that $40,000 purchase price plus $4,000 year, in unpaid time off? Consider what [do you] really WANT from [your], rather than what they can GET from their jobs. 


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