8150.co - High Altitude Entrepreneurs

A couple weeks ago Doug Clayton and I sat down to chat about, nothing really, and realized we had both read Brad Feld's Startup Communities book.

We realized that the Vail Valley (East Vail --> Gypsum) has an amazing amount of entrepreneurial spirit, that remains untapped.

For me, this started with going to the Vail Leadership Institute's 2 day event last fall, which had Feld as a guest speaker followed the next day by Larry Donnithorne. The theme of the weekend was "The Vail Way." Through talking to the community up here I realized that most people have the risk taker mentality to either move up here, or to stay up here.

What are the values that someone has to have to leave home, stability, and family in order to move to the Vail Valley and try to figure out how to make a go of life? I submit that the values are the same as someone quitting a job and putting their savings on the line to build a prototype and try and create a company.

The problem up here is that people do not self identify as having this personality and hence do not do some of the fundamental things that entrepreneurial communities do. For example no-agenda meetings, understanding that the higher the amount of communication the better we are personally and as a community. 

To that end. We are starting the 8150 High Altitude Entrepreneurs group - We want to simply call it 8150 (elevation of Vail).

Go on to 8150.co and sign up. We are at stage beta 1.0 and would like any thoughts and help.

Our current goal is to get:

1) Brown bag educational lunches (e.g. 'what does java-script do', 'what does a severability clause do'?)

2) Multiple people posting to the 8150.co blog


E-mail me: bbickerton@gmail.com or Doug Clayton - doug@8150.co - if you would like to hear, learn, more.