Why I blog = sick of legal talk

I spent close to a decade on the purchasing side of law. I was always frustrated because lawyers focus on a single frame of mind: how do problems fit into the construct of law.

Sure law is important, but it isn’t the only thing in this big complicated world of ours. I mainly look at the world from my Economics and MBA degrees, using my law degree as a tool more than a perspective.  I try to stay away from legal talk as much as possible, after 10 years as a small businessman, 4 years pursuing a JD/MBA, and now in practice, the obsession with the law still baffles me.

To this end, I started this blog as the un-lawyer. The concept, when I talk about legal issues, is to give digestible legal advice not from a lawyer’s perspective but from a practical and useful perspective. Sometimes I’ll have to delve into the law side pretty heavy but I try to keep that to links and citations. That way if you want to know more it is available.

But hey, what do I know?