Prosper Sober Living - Executive Summary

Prosper Sober Living

Introduction: What is a Sober Living House? What is Prosper Sober Living?

Sober living houses are just that, a place where people who wish to maintain sobriety can come to rest, heal, and learn new life skills after leaving a clinical rehab program.

Prosper Sober Living (Prosper) will assist the recovering community by creating a sober living house that can promote a new lifestyle through the combination of unifying: People, Place, and Programing in a way that will best support guests through their individual roads to recovery.

People: Who is going to be in the house?

Our client is the professional male who is seeking a smooth transition from treatment into a happy and prosperous life of sobriety.

The initial sober living house will be limited to 6 or less men, with a minimum stay of 3 months and a commitment of 6 months. Referred from CeDAR, Betty Ford/Hazelden, Caron Foundation, Hanley Center, Talbot, La Paloma, Promises in Malibu, and Hawaii Lawyer Assistant Program. Each of these facilities has either been contacted already, or one of our staff has a direct connection.

Place: Where will guests live? What will the living environment be like?

The Vail Valley boasts natural beauty and a healthy lifestyle. Prosper will serve as the Rocky Mountain region's premier sober living environment for the career professional that is looking for MORE in his recovery.

There are two luxury houses in the Vail Valley that Prosper has identified for a potential first location.

Programing: What will guests do with their day?

The guests of Prosper will continue their journey into health and wellness through the guidance of coaches, teachers and counselors using best practices for recovery.

The guests will have access to all that the mountains have to offer, and experienced help to guide them in making the best possible choices. The guests will have well-appointed bedrooms and a high-end living environment.

Benefits to the Vail Valley: The Prosper Sober Living will also be a positive force in the Vail Valley. 

In addition to be being quiet and respectful neighbors, we will not tolerate any drugs or alcohol on the property. Period. Our guests will also give back to the Vail community through service work and volunteer hours helping and mentoring others.

Startup Stage of Prosper

After over a year of planning  Prosper has a committed group of addiction counselors, gurus,  caring individuals and a community of startup professionals, mentors, and networks.

Phase one of the company is to open the first house in the Summer/Fall of 2014. We have identified two possible houses in the Beaver Creek

Staff includes:

  • Jonathan DeCarlo, MA., CACIII  Director and founder of The Sophist Counseling Group
  • Wendy A Stine, BA.,CACIII, BR-I  Marketing Specialist and former clinician at CeDAR and Harmony Foundation
  • Diane Sanders, Former Marketing Supervisor at CeDAR
  • Dr. Scott Brant, ThriveMD, Bioidentical hormone therapy and pain management expert
  • Brad Bickerton JD/MBA, B.S. - Business startup and execution expert.