Prosper Sober Living - Introduction

For those of you who don't know.

After graduate school, I was sitting outside of the Kitchen Next Door with my good friend Doug. Doug is a smart entrepreneur and engineer, however he knows essentially nothing about tech startups, the Boulder startup community, or how venture capital works (there are graver sins).

While there, a host of friends and acquaintances came by and said hello. Doug needed a translation of what most of my friends did. Eventually I got tired of explanations and I just said "they make the internet run better."  While I have NOTHING against Boulder tech startups, they aren't my skill set or personality. I consider myself a startup guy, but not a technologist.

Fast-forward to the fall of 2013, when a family friend and I were talking about a business idea. Simply put it was to start a Sober Living House in Vail, Colorado. This was an idea, and product, that I could feel passionate about and apply my skills.

I will put up another blog post about the program and mission of Prosper Sober Living.  

As of this writing, after over a year of planning, growing a network, creating programing, searching for a house in the Vail Valley and tweaking a business plan Prosper is ready to pull the trigger from an idea to a functional company.

I'm personally excited to have developed an idea (as prof. Bijorn would say purchasing the kitten) from nothing but an idle idea to concept ready to go.

Our current goal is to open the first house in the Summer/Fall of 2014. We have identified two possible locations, close enough to the healthy society, vibrant culture, and mountain activities this area offers, but far enough away to allow for rest and reflection by guests.

As with so many startups, "ALL" we need is a little more capital. This has also been a great learning adventure. Especially because there is an established market for this type of business.

I had a potential capital source a while ago, but when they started talking about little ways to make more money off the deal (e.g. upcharging for guests to have cars) I made the decision that I would want any investors to be on board with the mission. Though the company is, according to me, worth investing in. 

This is what I spend my non-business consulting and non-lawyer time working on. 

So we'll see.