Bickerton Executive Consulting Services:


Need executive level help for one or more projects?

Executive level help is meant to fill the gap between projects that your team wants or needs to get to, but doesn’t have time or ability to get to.

Hire a master of administering business to do the work that you can not get to, cannot afford to hire full time, or do not have the in-house skills to do.

Unique set of talents;

  • Spreadsheet expert - able to create a financial spreadsheet

  • Client Management - Converse with clients the next. Can parse legal language and turn it into actionable items.

  • Business Development - Can listen to any idea are develop both the strategy and tactics for implementation. Then accomplish the goal.

  • Can bring network of experts and vendors from the Vail Valley and from the Front Range

  • Help prepare a company for outside investment including

    • Develop strategy

    • Determine economic needs

    • Refine/Create pitch deck

    • Introduce to various angel networks

  • Can apply legal skills to contract creation & review and create non-legal language




  • $60/hr for short term projects - 10 hr minimum  

  • $1,000/mo - up to 20 hrs/mo - 3 month minimum


Since arriving in the Vail Valley January 2013 Brad has:

Co-Founded: 8150 - High Altitude Entrepreneurs

Joined Vail Leadership Institute

Helped Avon town council

Joined the Minturn Economic Development Committee


Worked with the following companies:

  • Rich Staats - Founder Secret Stash - new product development & legal agreements
  • Bryan Wachs – Cofounder & CEO – 
  • Jacob Timm – Founder (Hopify – Smartphone App) - entrepreneurial setup/new product development
  • Doug Humble – Founder (Prefare Food)
  • Nathan Seidle – CEO/Founder (Sparkfun Electronics) - rework entire financial structure and model for $17mm revenue/yr company.
  • See legal client reviews:

Education - Here

Resume - Here

"Bickerton Business Consulting is independent of the legal work Mr. Bickerton preforms under Hampton & Piggot LLP, attorneys at law."