Brad Bickerton likes to blog to help bring his understanding of success in business, law, and life. What does he know? That's up to you

Thresher Glades, Beaver Creek

Thresher Glades, Beaver Creek

Flakes of Wrath, Moab, UT

Flakes of Wrath, Moab, UT

If you are in the Vail Valley whistle then call and his dog "Major Major" who will approach and lead you to him.

If you are not in the Vail Valley:

Email: - Phone: 303.478.0259

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A Coloradan from the deep south...of Canada

Brad Bickerton has a dual nature.

  • Economics degree from a religious college
  • Dual Law and MBA degrees from the University of Colorado
  • A lifelong entrepreneur and involved starting his own companies as well as an associate with the law firm Hampton and Pigott
  • Writes about why people don't need attorneys, on a free attorney advice website (Avvo)
  • Saved millions of healthcare dollars by protecting insurance companies
  • Dual citizen in Canada and the US
  • Californian and Coloradan
  • Lives in Minturn, Colorado a very small mountain town, that is 4 miles away from Vail, Colorado a world famous ski town and resort
  • Owns a stunningly pretty dog nicknamed "big ugly"

Aside from his dual nature:

Brad has worked as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur for as long as he can remember. He brings these skills to bear in his small business consultancy as well as his associateship with the law firm of Hampton & Pigott

He was the first full time employee of ClinAssist. Now the flagship product of The Assist Group. He championed that product through multiple phases. Under his supervision revenue increased from <$400,000/yr to $6,000,000/yr.

He has helped dozens of companies with internal structure issues from reviewing financial records, to employee issues, to marketing concerns to education and strategy assistance.

He frequently advises companies on legal and financial structural elements.

He advises current JD/MBA candidates, remains involved in the student run University of Colorado - Deming Center Venture Fund, and is a mentor for the University of Colorado - Venture Capital Investment Competition team.

He works out of the Vail Leadership Institute's co-working space Entrepreneurs BaseCamp

When not doing these things he is probably on his road bike, skis, at high elevation hiking with his golden retriever, or attached to a rope somewhere.

What does he actually know?